Our program uses the term “dirt therapy” to describe our process of relieving the daily stresses our veterans encounter. Our program utilizes dual sport and off road motorcycles to take veterans on adventures where they will work together with other veterans and reignite the camaraderie they had when serving .  

Our Mission

Our mission is all about connecting Veterans through healthy outdoor activities, primarily through Enduro style riding.

From trail rides, to adventure trips we exist to help provide an outlet for Veterans seeking to reconnect with the camaraderie found in military service.

Our program has an edge to it. Don’t expect to find a sterile environment. We just want to be “us”.

This organization, what it’s about, and the people that run, has literally saved my life. I can’t thank you enough
— Anonymous

What We've Achieved

  • Brought nearly 100 veterans and active duty service members together through events

  • Given veterans an outlet to enjoy the outdoors and get away from their daily stresses

  • Raised money for other similar organization

  • Given away motorcycles to bring families closer together though riding.

  • We have created a network of veterans

  • Saved lives!